Our mothers inspire us in many ways – they challenge us and set examples for us. And no matter how old you get, your mom is always the most important woman in your life, even when you become a mother yourself.



(Mohita and Mahima Gujral with Sue Mue’s founder Narinder Mohan)

“My mother Narinder Mohan founded Sue Mue (then called Priyadarshini) almost 50 years ago. Cheers to her perseverance, ethics and aesthetic sensibilities – they helped shape me both personally and professionally,” says Mohita Gujral, who is now director of the bespoke women’s wear label in Delhi and a mother of two.  


(Mahima shares a light moment with her mother Mohita Gujral)

Mohita’s young daughter Mahima has her own take: “My mom’s been an entrepreneur since she was 18. Her drive has inspired me all my life. She has kept the legacy of my grandparents alive. She’s truly my ‘Albeli’ mom,” she says, referring to the label’s latest Albeli collection for strong, stylish women.


(Priyanka C. Raina with her mother and toddler Gracia)

The mother-daughter relationship is also valuable to Priyanka C. Raina, wife of ace Indian cricketer Suresh Raina, who had a baby girl recently. “Motherhood is the most underrated game-changer. It changes your perspective, shows you all your strengths and vulnerabilities, and transforms you into a better person,” she says. Priyanka adds that though it can be overwhelming to have a new life to protect and care for, “the very vulnerability of my baby, her fragility, her unlimited kisses throughout the day and her precious smiles make it all totally worth it!”



(Renu Sandhil with her daughter Ritu and granddaughter Radhika)

Another devoted mother and a loyal Sue Mue customer, Ritu Sikri bought her first outfit from Sue Mue eight years ago and since then, both her mother and her daughter now head to the Green Park studio for their occasion needs. “Whenever I go through a turbulent phase as a parent, I feel grateful for my own mother’s patience and sacrifice,” says the homemaker.



(Blogger Surbhi Sethi with her ma and grandmother at their residence in Delhi)

There are other things we could value about our moms and grandmoms too – such as their fashion! Ask blogger-photographer Surbhi Sethi. For a sari shoot on her blog, she found the perfect bag sitting pretty in her wardrobe for years. “Handcrafted by my dear dadi for her own wedding trousseau back in the day, this embroidered vintage satin beauty with a wooden handle is one of my favourite hand-me-downs from her.”

If you’re feeling the love too, head over to Sue Mue in Green Park market on 12th and 13th May with your mom or daughter, and have a fun, fashionable Mother’s Day!

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