Collection: Gharara Sets

Discover Elegance with Sue Mue's Luxurious Ghagra Sets

Sue Mue has been a beacon of heritage and bespoke elegance for generations. Crafting narratives into ensembles, we present a couture collection steeped in the opulence of Indian textile traditions. Each garment in our luxurious ghagra set collection is not just apparel; it's an archival piece of artisanal brilliance, handwoven with stories of the past.

The Legacy of Luxury

In the realm of high-end Indian attire, Sue Mue stands out as a tapestry interwoven with the richness of blended fabrics and the purity of craftsmanship. For over fifty years, our expertise in bespoke tailoring has married the union of the heart with the soulful tactility of our workmanship.

Our ghagra sets embody the brand's philosophy—a testament to sophisticated handloom artistry. Embellished with the illustrious zari, parsi, gada, and resham work on materials like silk, georgette, and organza, every piece is a tribute to the legacy that Sue Mue proudly represents.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Step into the world of indulgence with ghagra sets that accentuate extravagance as an art form. At Sue Mue, each set whispers tales of grandeur through exquisite embroidery such as Resham, Zardozi, and Appliqué. Our sets are not just garments; they're a statement of unparalleled sophistication designed for the connoisseur.

The Essence of the Collections:

Guftagu & Anjuman: Revel in the luxurious simplicity of chanderi kaftans and kurta sets that promise comfort without compromising on style. These pieces blend contemporary aesthetics with traditional grace, perfect for every moment.
Gulnoor: Experience understated beauty with our pastel palette collection, featuring versatile A-line kurtas and anarkali ensembles ideal for serene elegance.
Khiraaz: Indulge in the lavishness of heavily embroidered ghagra sets that exude regality. The intricate mul-mul kurta sets showcase the beauty of the ivory-anchor thread mukaish, making them perfect for any festive occasion.
Rang: Bold and vivid, the Rang collection offers enchanting outfits in dark hues complemented by the finesse of silk and Zari appliqué, ideal for the woman who loves to make a statement
. ● Utsav: Celebrate with our party wear lehenga sets that boast rich Zari and silk work, alongside graceful anarkali suits, embodying the joy of festivities.
Ziya Pret: For the modern woman on the go, our ready-to-wear line fuses casual chic with ethnic motifs, offering convenience without sacrificing elegance.
Urvi Festive: Striking the perfect balance between the texture of Tussar and the drape of Georgette, Urvi festive presents an unconventional look that's both luxurious and comfortable.

At Sue Mue, we understand that an outfit is a personal treasure. Our team of expert designers and master artisans tailor each ghagra set to perfection, ensuring it not only fits your measurements but also your aesthetic aspirations. Imbue your wardrobe with the spirit of traditions, elegantly reinterpreted for today's discerning woman.

Drape yourself in the luxe fabrics of Sue Mue's ghagra sets, where exclusivity meets innovation, and every fold tells a story. Visit our exquisite collection and be part of our cherished legacy.


Reach Out and Redefine Your Style

For a personalized touch and to explore our alluring ghagra sets, visit Sue Mue's Website or come to our store where luxury becomes your second skin. Our designers await to craft not just attire, but an extension of your persona with the finest handwoven luxuries of India.

Choose Sue Mue, where heritage meets haute couture. Indulge in an extraordinary experience and make a statement that speaks volumes of your unique sense of style”