Flashback to the mid-1970s when Neena Sharma had joined Sue Mue, then known as Priyadarshini. 

Few people are born with the grit, vision, perseverance and business acumen that Late Neena Sharma was endowed with. Addressed affectionately as Neena ‘Aunty’, she was the soul of Sue Mue and nurtured the boutique with literally everything she had.

Work was always worship for Surinder Mohan, Narinder Mohan and Neena Aunty. Here you can see them praying together in the office premises.

In the wake of her father’s early demise, she joined the store in 1972, when she was just 18. “My father merely wanted to hire an assistant for my mother. But Neena Aunty nurtured the store and all of us like a mother to her baby.” says Mohita Gujral, daughter of Surinder and Narinder Mohan, owners of Sue Mue.

Always tuned into new trends and one with a futuristic vision, Neena Aunty travelled abroad 2-3 times a year on personal front.
Working under the wings of the owners, she started raw and inexperienced but adapted to it like a fish takes to water. Soon, everyone realized that Neena Aunty and Sue Mue, metaphorically, were made for each other.

Radiating happiness and positivity on her 50th birthday.
Although she had a difficult personal life in which she had to support her mother and two very young siblings, Neena Aunty lived life queen size. She educated and settled her younger brother and sister and simultaneously completed her graduation. At the age of 28, she gave up her married life for her first love, Sue Mue.

Neena Aunty’s aura was always full of energy and life. See how she spread cheer and positivity while entering the room.
Known for her jaw-dropping sales skills, Aunty was extremely popular among her clients. She used to be impeccably dressed in a fitted salwar suit with deep necklines on the front and back. This became a signature statement of hers and trended heavily among the elite and influential clients.

We lost this wonder woman to cancer on Oct 29, 2010. Today, as we remember Neena Aunty on her 61st birth anniversary, we celebrate her never-dying spirit and dynamic personality.

In Mohita’s words, “She was the epitome of perfection and it is next to impossible to find a replacement for her.”

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