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Mashiat Faroza’s Trousseau Tales: The Bridal Lehenga

Mashiat Faroza’s traditional Bangladeshi wedding was spread out over a year and 13 events. But the most important one of them all was the Rukhsati (or Bidaai) when the bride finally leaves her parental home and sets out for her marital one.The 25-year-old Toronto-based...

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Mystical and Alluring: Find Your Aafreen with Sue Mue This Season

You come to us from another world From beyond the stars and void of space. Transcendent, pure, Of unimaginable beauty, Bringing with you the essence of love ~ Rumi [embed][/embed] Persia – the land of untold mysteries – is the inspiration for Sue Mue’s Fall-Winter 2018 collection Aafreen. The land where the legendary Sufi poet...

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A Mother’s Promise

[embed][/embed] There’s something very special about the bond between a mother and her daughter. And no one understands it better than Sue Mue. Run by three generations of women, we understand the care that every mother puts in for her daughter’s wedding. The trust that a...

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