Narinder Mohan loved  hand-crafting beautiful dresses for her two young daughters, and in no time she was asked to create more such clothes by family and friends. It was in response to this overwhelming demand that Narinder, set up Sue Mue in  1968.

It was initially a bespoke women’s wear store called Priyadarshini. It was Narinder’s  flair for curating the season’s best colour and fabric, understanding different body types and her aesthetic finesse, that made the brand the most respected and trusted among  the fashion-conscious women of Delhi, as well as other parts of the country and abroad.

Narinder’s entrepreneurial spirit was supported by her husband Surinder Mohan who helped establish the retail brand and professionalized the operations of the family business. It was under his stellar leadership, and the contribution of his  aide Neena Sharma, that his wife’s creation Priyadarshini, later became the celebrated brand Sue Mue. The bespoke boutique has been couture destination of choice for over four generations of stylish customers.

With evolving customer needs and market trends, Sue Mue now offers a blend of prêt and bespoke options both in traditional Indian wear, and Indo-Western fusion styles, overseen by Narinder and Surinder’s daughter Mohita Gujral.


Surinder Mohan, or Bauji as the Sue Mue family calls him, was the real inspiration and soul that brought the brand to life and created a legacy. He was a visionary who saw the need to bring in a strict professional structure and discipline, into what had begun as a small family business. His work ethics were second only to his humane values. His legacy lives on in the generations of  craftsmen, tailors and retail staff who continue to be a part of the Sue Mue.

Narinder Mohan was a happy housewife and mom whose talented hands made lovely clothes for her two young daughters. You can’t keep real talent hidden and she was regularly asked to make clothes for adults too. Encouraged by her husband’s support and professional intervention, she started Sue Mue in 1968. The two spent the next few decades creating and nurturing, what has grown up to become a heritage brand.

Mohita Gujral  has lived her life surrounded by the  touch of Indian textiles. She has grown up, recognising the beauty of custom made clothing thanks to her mother Narinder. Mohita has been at the forefront of revolutionizing traditional Indian trousseau-wear and bespoke fashion, and has over three decades of experience in designing, sourcing and manufacturing.

Her rich experience, combined with the commitment to keeping high standards in design, finish and fine fabrics, has made Sue Mue a celebrated brand known for its subtle style statements, superlative silhouettes and exemplary finishing.

Mohita lives in New Delhi with her husband Sunil and daughters Mahima and Parina.

Mahima Gujral is the third generation entrepreneur to join the Sue Mue brand. She, like her mother, was born into the world of fashion and was exposed to its various aspects. She grew up recognizing the beauty of custom made clothing and the value of traditional Indian fabric and embroidery.

Mahima graduated with Honours in Fashion Management from the  Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. She returned to India in 2012 and joined Christian Dior under the mentorship of the brand’s Vice-President (India), Kalyani Chawla. After three years at Dior, Mahima  joined Sue Mue as a Marketing and PR associate to help expand the operations of the 47-year-old fashion house by strategizing and executing a growth plan for the brand.