Curious and Fearless: The ‘Ariella’ Woman’s Travel Diary

The destination could be anywhere, but the journey is more interesting when you have a fearless spirit and a sense of adventure.

Sue Mue’s Ariella woman has all that and more. She’s independent, curious, and unafraid of exploring new worlds on her own. With the daunting pride of a woman in her element, she sets out to seek the flavours of life, to explore ancient art, unparalleled architecture, and lush natural bounty.

The memory of the ancient Andalusian region of Spain peeks through the geometric prints and Alhambra lion motifs on her dresses and asymmetrical hemlines. The fall and flare of her georgettes and crepes quietly announce her playful essence.

She may be Indian at heart but she’s at home anywhere in the world. This global traveller knows her mind, and she dares to defy boundaries. Her adventures begin in her own heart.