A Destination Wedding and the Allure of Ariella

An invite to a friend’s or cousin’s wedding is just the beginning. What follows is a dream of regal landscapes as Sue Mue’s Ariella woman takes centre-stage.

Dressed in raw silks, lush velvets and delicate georgettes, her capes, shararas and palazzos sweep the palaces of yore with contemporary grandeur. The flavour of Spain and the magnificence of the old Andalusian monument of Alhambra bestow a fierce and fearless character to her modern-day lehengas and saris.

The intricate embellishments that adorn her garments reveal her heritage with their hues of deep mustard, Moroccan blue, pearly white and sandy beige. Her every turn, every glance is a signature of her strength and independence.

There is a celebration in the air, the coming together of hearts. And then, the Ariella woman walks in, noble and proud.

This is just the beginning.